Team and Governing Board

The team and the governing board of the Technocentre counts ITC specialists and the administrators of regional organisations among its ranks. They have the firm conviction that the success of the Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine region, in terms of social and economic development starts with the development of IT and communications as well as using them to their full potential.


Carol Cotton, Managing director (Picture)

Julien Dallaire Poirier, ICT Mobilization Agent

Émilie Bourque-Bélanger, Communications and Gaspésie Digital Strategy

Vanessa Hautcœur, Administrative assistant

AnnikJessica Cayouette, Administrative assistant (Picture)

Governing Board


  1. President : Jonathan Ranger, Gascode
  2. Vice-president : Jean-Marie Perreault,
  3. Secretary-treasurer : Aurèle Doucet, SADC du Rocher-Percé
  4. Roch Audet, Ville de Bonaventure
  5. Marie-Claude Brière, Agence MC Brière
  6. Marie-Ève Forest, Communication Antilope
  7. Dany Bouffard, Gemini
  8. Jonathan Trudel, Technologies Québec
  9. Sylvain Vachon, Groupe COLLEGIA, interim